Worship In Real Time

Our entire being from the very moment of our creation is designed to worship the creator.  God is so worthy of worship, and worship is the natural outflow of a life that has encountered Him.  In the church today worship is often a term we use to talk about the singing portion of our gatherings or a specific genre of music, but the bible teaches us that in all of life - all we are and all we do, not just when we gather to sing - we worship.

It is so helpful and exciting to recognize that our work, our relationships, and our recreation can all be lived out in a way that give glory to God!  It's also a life shaping truth in times of trouble or uncertainty to know that in every situation God is still God and we are right to worship.  The question then becomes: what does it look like to worship in 'real time'? 

This series is an exploration of this question designed to help think through the realities of life and worship.