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Matthew 1

As we continue to journey through Advent together I am becoming more and more aware of my need for 'good news'.  I'm tired of tricky and hard news in the face of Covid and its effect on our life together... I feel the weight of some of this seasons effects personally and as I watch how its impacting lives around me... and I am also becoming very aware of the parts of my heart and life that stand in need of healing, saving, redeeming, etc.  

Here in Matthew 1 we have an incredible story of a soon to be adoptive father.  Into His own unprecedented season comes the instruction and the promise heaven.  In fact, into his life has come Immanuel - God with us.  Already, conceived by the Holy Spirit, his betrothed - Mary - is carrying one who would change everything!

Hear the promise of God in His instruction to Joseph... "and you shall call His name Jesus".  Jesus, a name meaning 'the one who saves'.  Do you feel your need today?  Do you recognize in Joseph's encounter with heaven an experience that resonates with your own?  Anxiety perhaps, fear, confusion, a profound smallness in the face of heavens movement... Listen.... can you hear the voice of heaven right there....

"She will bear a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins." Matthew 1.21

I pray for you today the grace to be present to God... present... all you are right now where you're at presented to Him in an honest way.  Then I pray that from that place you would be set free to speak the name of Jesus, and as you speak out his name may you encounter Him in real time.  

God, let our hearts begin to feel the anticipation of your saving grace here and now where most we stand in need of you. Amen