These days, Maria and I have been spending a fair amount of time bouncing and cuddling Zoe to sleep. One of the lullabies that have been getting a lot of air time has been "Silent Night". With that in mind, I kind of recorded it in a lullaby-like way.
Even though the lyrics are somewhat simple, the more I've sung them the more profound they have grown in my heart and spirit. What a sacred night it would have been for Mary, and Joseph as they held the Son of God in their arms; so this-worldly, but so other-worldly. Literally, heaven touched earth! Became part of it! Transfigured it, even. Lord, envelope my - envelope our - frail humanity this Christmas in a heavenly way. From our home to yours, we pray you and your family would enjoy some restorative rest in the presence of Jesus. We pray that you too would "sleep in heavenly peace"! Oh Lord, please let it be tonight lol. I think she just woke up...gotta go!